Early Intervention Unit

Welcome to our school’s specialised Early Intervention Class catering for children aged 3-5 with autism.

With a class capacity of six pupils, we ensure an intimate learning environment where each child receives personalised attention.

Led by a dedicated teacher and supported by two experienced Special Needs Assistants (SNAs), our team is committed to fostering a nurturing atmosphere for optimal growth and positive development.

The sensory-focused classroom environment provides a holistic approach to learning, tailored to the unique requirements of children with autism.

Happy bumble bee with school bag

Some approaches we use in our class include:

  • TEACCH (A visual, structured teaching approach)
  • PECS (Picture exchange communication)
  • Lámh (Augmentative sign language)
  • Social Stories (describes a situation, skill, or concept in terms of relevant social cues, perspectives, and common responses)
  • Sensory Integration (activities to promote healthy sensory processing)

Our many facilities are designed to cater to diverse needs, and include:

  • Sensory room offering a therapeutic space for children
  • Sensory garden to engage and stimulate the senses, where the children can explore the different plants, surfaces and climbing frame
  • Astro turf for outdoor activities
  • PE hall for physical development
  • Hall which offers soft play activities,balance bike and trampoline
  • Playground
  • External coaches to coach the children, such as GAA classes

Through our facilities and resources we hope to give our children the best opportunity to develop their gross motor skills, their social interaction with other children and to regulate their emotions. We enable optimum inclusion as part of the whole school community experience with access to mainstream activities that are appropriate to each individual pupil.

Through a blend of structured academics, sensory exploration, and play, we aim to lay a strong foundation for future learning and development.

Join us in creating a supportive community where each child’s potential is recognised, celebrated, and nurtured in a welcoming and inclusive educational setting.