Student Council

Our Student Council is a student centred initiative that strives to enable the students to meet and discuss proposals that they would like to see introduced in our school. The children have an opportunity to meet with teachers and share any ideas they or their peers may have. They collaboratively discuss these ideas before deciding on the propos


Here are our Student Council representatives for this school year.

3rd Class Representatives
Ms Farnan:Abigail Giblin
Mr McNally:Shauna Healy
Ms Keating / Ms McDonald:Anabel Ryan
4th Class Representatives
Ms Solan:Alexandra Sopotean
Ms Coady:Fiona Ashe
Ms Marron:Amelia Khoo
Ms Lohan:Holly Phelan
5th Class Representatives
Ms O’ Hurley:Lily Hargadon
Ms Smith:Ellie Acorn
Mr Flanagan:Faye Harfouche
6th Class Representatives
Ms Duffy:Fiona Minnock
Ms Lyons:Carla Gomez Quesada
Ms Forde:Penny Whelan