Thematic Play

Theme 1: Myself

This was our first theme. Our Junior Infants had stations such as The home corner, small world, art station, bingo, playdoh where we explored different aspects of our personality, interests and families.

Theme 2: Autumn

We explored Autumn through stations such as tuff trays, art squirrels, small world with leaves and concors. leaf rubbings and woodland home corner.

Theme 3: Halloween

Our Halloween theme consisted of a witches cauldron corner, bake barm brack, pumpkin masks, playdoh, bingo and shape witches.

Theme 4: Doctors

We explored the world of work and the doctor through play in November. We had a doctors’ corner, constructed hospitals using blocks, small world, an operation game and a dolly’s hospital.

Theme 5: Christmas

December was full of Christmas cheer. We had Santa’s workshop, wrapping presents, junk art, north pole small world, Christmas art, and playdoh.